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Lauren Ash, MD is a board certified General Surgeon specializing in the treatment of breast cancer, hernias, and minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. As a general surgeon, Dr. Ash’s responsibilities include confirming the diagnosis of the primary care physicians and radiologists and then performing the appropriate surgical procedure to correct the problem.  

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With offices in Austin, TX, Dr. Ash uses the latest technology with a state of the art medical facility to provide her patients the best possible outcomes.


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Dr. Ash provides all of her patients with a comprehensive, compassionate approach to their health concerns. 

She recognizes that the patients’ needs come first and insists on educating her patients about their conditions, treatment options, as well as risks and benefits of the different surgical procedures.


Lauren Ash, MD is a General Surgeon. She specializes in the treatment of breast cancer, hernia, and laparoscopic surgery. She uses the latest medical technology with the state of the art medical facility to provide her patient the best possible outcome.
Hernia Surgery

A hernia is the extension of an organ or fatty tissue through a weak spot in the muscle or connective tissue that surrounds it.

Laproscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic procedures are performed as keyhole or minimally invasive surgeries. As opposed to a large incision made during the conventional open surgery, a minimally invasive procedure requires 3 to 4 small incisions.

Robotic Assisted Surgery

Robotic systems are becoming increasingly popular in the medical community owing to the unique advantages including the precision, safety and many other advantages.

Breast Surgery

Mastectomy is the surgical treatment for breast cancer, and involves the complete removal of the breast.

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